Personalized Map.


Lovecation perfectly blends your love and location you met your beloved one. 

Lovecation is fully personalized map designed based on exact location when you found your true love.
At the bottom of map, there is a part reserved for your most unforgettable dates. It may be the date when you met first, your first kiss or any other important moment of your life.

More Details 


PDF - Digital File. Receive by e-mail and print it yourself.
PAPER - We do the printing and mail to you.
FRAMED - We do the printing + framing and mail to you.


PAPER - Epson Matte Paper.
FRAME - Black Wooden. Frames are not matted.

SCREENSHOT OF MAP* - "A picture is worth a thousand words". That's why we recommend sending a screenshot of location where you met. You can use any online map finder.

Mark "HERE " - the exact place where you met.

Process And Shipping 

For all types of orders, we will send you a preview of your map for approval via email, in the next 3 days.
Once it is approved by you, we will proceed with printing and shipping for all orders (except for PDF), in 3-5 days.

For orders from USA we ship via USPS with tracking number.
For orders from Canada we ship via USPS without tracking number.
For orders from Europe we ship via Post of Kosovo Air Mail without tracking number.